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 New Portable Knee Extension


Regular: $795.00

Special: $ 595.00


  • Simulates knee flexion contracture testing by stabilizing the knee and lifting the heel.

  • TKE's auto-adjusting PVC frame glides forward automatically as patient gains extension during treatment.

  • Deep TKE bolster keeps foot from rotating.

  • A complimentary adjunct to physical therapy programs for patients with knee flexion contractures (extension loss).

  • Needs Rx

pelvic traction belt.PNG
floor traction stand set.PNG

 New Pelvic Traction Belt

Model: 892-1

Regular: $ 99.00

Special: $ 79.00


  • Universal

 New Floor Traction Stand Set (Pelvic)

Model: 844-1

Regular: $ 229.00

Special: $ 179.00


  • Includes Floor stand, Weight Bag,
    22” Spreader bar, Rope and “s” Hook

  • (Pelvic Traction Belt not included)

 New Portable Knee Extension


Regular: $7,985.55

Special: $ 5,985.00


  • Easy-to-use hand control for storing treatment data on memory chip card

  • Fully synchronized motors allow treatment parameters to be customized to meet patient’s specific therapy protocols

  • Ergonomic rest for healthy arm and fully adjustable chair

  • Patented Universal left/right Shoulder design

  • Folds easily for transport/shipping
    Includes patient data card and erasable pen

  • Lightweight design weighs 55 lbs (25 kg)

TX traction  unit.JPG

 New Traction Unit

Model: 4759

Regular: $3,485.00

Special: $ 2,695.00


  • 3 types of traction: Intermittent, Cyclic and Static

  • Digital Touch Screen 

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