New Tens Unit

Model: TENS-2000BN 

Regular: $129.00

Special: $ 89.00


  • Provides relief from a variety of pain including back pain, headaches, sports injury and general muscle pain

  • Pulse width (60-250) and a pulse frequency (2-150) are adjustable

  • Two independent terminals
    Equipped with a 360 degree wire connector

  • Comes complete with carrying case, lead wires, 9-volt battery, manual and pack of four self-adhesive reusable electrodes

  • Power Source: 9-volt battery

New 4 Channel Stimulation Unit

Model: DS5402

Regular: $249.00

Special: $ 189.00


  • Four Stimulation Programs: TENS, EMS, IF and RUSS (Russian)

  • Five modes for TENS therapy: Burst, Normal (N), Modulation, Strength-Duration 1 and 2

  • Three modes for EMS therapy: Constant, Synchronous, and Alternate

  • Three modes for IF therapy: Normal, Modulation and Modulation 1

  • Three modes for RUSSIAN therapy: Normal, Modulation and Modulation 1

New Portable Ultrasound Unit

Model: DU3035 

Regular: $169.00

Special: $ 139.00


  • Operates in continuous mode (100% Duty Cycle).

  • Head warming feature pre-heats up to 95°F the sound head applicator for increased patient comfort.

  • Watertight for use in underwater therapy for 30 mins at a depth of 1 meter (Ultrasound head only - IPX7).

  • Three output intensities selections.

  • Three treatment times (5 min, 10 min or 15 min).

  • Frequency: 1MHz

 New Ultrasound and Stimulator Combo 

Model: DU6012

Regular: $269.00

Special: $ 198.00


  • Combines therapeutic ultrasound and TENS for patients needing stronger therapy

  • Ergonomically designed 4 cm² aluminum soundhead

  • Features 1 MHz frequency with 3 power levels and 30 mA of TENS therapy for deep therapeutic treatment

New 2 Channel Stimulator and Ultrasound Unit 

Model: DQ7844

Regular: $1,995.00

Special: $ 985.00


  • Five treatment waveforms: IF 4-Pole, IF 2-Pole, Russian, EMS, TENS 

  • Dual frequency 5cm2 Probe

 New Ultrasound

Model: DQ9275

Regular: $1,495.00

Special: $ 795.00


  • Comes complete with two sound heads, 1 cm2 and 5 cm2 for more targeted therapy

  • Used for the treatment of chronic and acute muscular pain

  • User can switch between dual sound heads with the push of a single button

  • Fully functional 1 MHz and 3 MHz frequencies

  • 20 user-defined presets with pulsed and continuous therapy

 New Stimulator Q2.5 

Model: DQ8450

Regular: $1,098.00

Special: $ 798.00


  • Waveforms include TENS, EMS, 2-Pole Interferential, 4-Pole Interferential and Russian

  • You can choose between several different amplitude modulation options

Any patient wanting to purchase an item next to this symbol requires a doctor's prescription.

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