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 Pre-Owned Fuji X-Ray Mobil Unit

Model: Fuji-Go

Regular: $ 14,800.00

Special: $ 12,800.00


X-Ray Cassets 8”x10”, 10”x12”, 14”x17”

60 days Warranty

(only 2 at this price, sales tax not included)

x ray de.JPG

 New Portable High Frequency X-Ray

Model # SDO-HF

xray info.JPG
xray amx4.PNG
xray amx4.PNG
xray amx4.PNG

 Pre-Owned X-Ray Mobil Unit

Model: AMX-4 Plus

Regular: $ 8,995.00

Special: $ 6,995.00


New Batteries, Certified by Bio-Med
High frequency generator, GE AMX-4 Collimator
100 mA constant, 24 kVp stations.
 kVp 50-125, 30 mAs stations, mAs 0.4-320.
Rotating Anode X-Ray tube, MX-75 275kHU Focal spot .75mm
Variable speed motor drive.

x ray stand.JPG

X-Ray Mobil Stand

Regular: $ 1,595.00

Special: $ 1,395.00


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