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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Model: LAB24

Regular: $ 1,999.00

Special: $ 1,899.00


  • Motion tolerant algorithm for 24 hrs up to 48 hrs monitoring: BP algorithm for day/night monitoring

  • Clinically validated by standards of: AAMI, ESH, BIHS, AAMI-SP10, ISO 81060-2

  • Cuffs with inner pocket for easy wearing & reassuring BP accuracy: Equipped with inner-pocket design, it will hold cuff position for BP monitoring, ensuring accurate, consistent readings.

  • BMS Mini: ABPM software is intuitive, user-friendly Windows

  •  based program that includes:, * Interpretive summary report

  •  Time-slice periods with statistical analysis

  •  Custom report options with single page with ABP graph

  •  PDF report format with EMR compatibility with built-in direct email menu

  • Easy to use & one button design: * 250 memory readings * 2 AA batteries required

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